ICS specialise in the development of, design and manufacture of bespoke vision systems required in commercial, industrial and the medical industry. We can adapt our surface and component inspection technology to meet a wide range of other solutions.

Our expertise in applying image analysis and control engineering encompasses many different fields, including cameras, software, algorithm development and design services enabling our solutions to meet all our customers requirements.

Established in 1995, Industrial Control Systems Ltd (ICS) was formed as an independent UK based systems integrator and gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of bespoke systems for the Automotive, Packaging, Water, Nuclear, Secure Industries. Since 2000 ICS has specialised in the development of Machine Vision product;

part of the Industrial Control Systems group

Strike-Point is a continuous linear contact designed for use in standalone or proprietary systems where activation of a switch is required over a continuous length, suitable for use in high risk areas such as Banks, Hospitals, Police Stations, Prisons and Government Offices as an affray / panic switch.

ToughLITE has a unique range of luminaries with a choice of award-winning light engines for internal and external applications.


Quick3D was established to offer a reliable, personable and cost effective product design consultancy and 3D printing service. Founded by a qualified Mechanical Design Engineer with several years of industry experience bringing consumer products to market,